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Scissors for Hair - LEADER CAM

SCISSOR SH01-55 "great for the" cut "and for" slice cutting

The best on the market / Il meglio del mercato
from the factory

SCISSOR SH01-55 "great for the" cut "and for" slice cutting

The production technique of Damascus Steel is an ancient art. The production technique of Damascus Steel (Word that could result from the Syrian city, but also from the Arabic "damas", watery, for particular effects on the surface that resemble the ripples of water) is very ancient and art had been lost. It is thanks to some masters Japanese forgers if resumed. The Damascus Steel is composed by a steel "supergold" which has a very high density grain whose hardness is equal to 63 Hrc coupled with numerous layers of softer steel.
The characteristics of foil "supergold" provide the cutting edge a longevity above the norm, while the many layers of mild steel, absorb the shock, they cancel the penetration strength to the hair, giving an unparalleled smoothness. The cuts are straight, precise and silent, and prevent the occurrence of split ends.

This Clipper is great for cutting tip. The remarkable mechanical strength in the blades and their leaf-shaped make it particularly suitable for cutting slipped by one length to another (slice cutting). Suitable to create milder forms and textures. The outer blade is convex and finished by hand; the inner blade is extremely concave so that the contact point between the two blades is minimized for a Masterful execution of the cut.

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